About Politicast

The first independent European podcasting platform dedicated to politics.

Our mission is to bring clarity to the political message, by providing an easy way for politicians to share ideas and report their political action.

We created Politicast to allow politicians to easily share, in an audio format, their political action.

Like you, we are witnessing the excesses and abuses done with our data. We believe it is time to reconsider how we grant access to our bits of personal lives in order to use "free" services online. We also believe that Europe should progressively get the ownership of its data back. And it makes perfect sense, to start with politics.

As much as possible, we are using services hosted in Europe and we have taken the decision to remain independent as long as possible. That means we are not taking any external funding to run this platform.

Meet the team

Greg and Simeon met in 2017 in Uppsala πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ.
They were both working from the coworking space Greg has cofounded, called Capsule.

Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert

Greg is an entrepreneur who loves helping others start & grow their own projects. In the past 12 years, he's founded several companies and has constantly been involved in several projects of all kinds (software, coworking space, media, etc.). Former system/network & security engineer, he's since then widened his skills range with management, marketing, design and business.

Simeon Nedkov

Simeon Nedkov

Simeon is a full-stack developer interested in the interplay between the networked society (open source/data, online collaboration and deliberation, transparency, etc.) and the civil/democratic society. In the past he's helped organisations adopt an online/collaborative workflow, organise open data hackathons and launch online communities in addition to building web applications.