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Politicast is a young company based in Uppsala. We are on a mission to help you, as a politician, increase your influence, promote your ideas and restore people's faith in democracy.

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Marlene Burwicks Pod
by Marlene Burwick

"I started this podcast to find a new and direct way to communicate with people about my work in the Swedish parliament. Especially about the climate and the challenges we are facing."

- Marlene Burwick, Member of the Swedish parliament

Lotta Olssons Pod
by Lotta Olsson

"Politics is important and I want to show with my pod that almost everything is politics. On my pod I talk to different people or by myself about different political areas."

- Lotta Olsson, Member of the Swedish parliament

Stefan Hannas Pod
by Stefan Hanna

"My Podcast is about giving brief reflections on important social issues and links in each episode to a relevant article. The purpose is to strengthen Uppsala's and Sweden's attractiveness and competitiveness."

- Stefan Hanna, Elected at the Kommunstyrelsens, Uppsala

All the tools you need to run a successful podcast

With your Politicast account, comes many useful things:


Simply upload your audio recordings. Our software takes care of trimming, assembling, adding your intro and outro music.

Public profile

All your podcast episodes are accessible through your public profile on the platform. So your audience can easily find you!

Questions & Answers

With your own Politicast phone number, collect questions and effortlessly add them to a future episode.


Distribute your podcast episode on your social media channels to leverage your existing audience. Easy peasy.


Follow progress and downloads on every episode you create. Find out which topics are the most relevant to your audience.

Email notifications

Let your listeners subscribe to your podcast by email! Every time you post a new episode, they will receive a notification.

Apple iTunes, Spotify

Register your podcast on popular catalogs. Your listeners will be able to listen to your episodes from their favorite app!

You own your content

With Politicast, you maintain the full ownership of your podcast. It means you can change provider whenever you want.

And you get direct access to us! We will help you make this podcast a success.

Get heard!

Politicast launched in beta in November 2018.
Episodes created by our users have been downloaded almost..


On average, 10 to 15% of their existing social media audience listened to the episodes they created.
You can easily boost the number of downloads further by sponsoring your posts on social media!

A few words about Politicast

Our mission is to bring clarity to the political message, by providing an easy way for politicians to share ideas and report their political action.

We created Politicast to allow politicians to easily share, in an audio format, their political action.

Like you, we are witnessing the excesses and abuses done with our data. We believe it is time to reconsider how we grant access to our bits of personal lives in order to use "free" services online. We also believe that Europe should progressively get the ownership of its data back. And it makes perfect sense, to start with politics.

As much as possible, we are using services hosted in Europe.

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The Politicast app

Our progressive web app works on your computer and on your phone. Pick the device you are the most confortable with.

The public profile

Public profiles allow you to easily be found by listeners. You can think of it as a website for your podcast. Join today to reserve your name on the platform!

And all the other features! (auto-editing, sharing, Q&A, ...)

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