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Welcome to the first independent podcasting platform dedicated to politics.

We provide politicians with all the tools they need to start podcasting today.

Politician: join the beta

What is the Politicast platform?

The Politicast platform is a meeting point where politicians and citizens get to exchange.

We are on a mission to strenghten the link between citizens and elected people in Europe.
We want this platform to be an easy way for us citizens to ask questions to elected people. We also want to make it more convenient for Politicians to share their programs, ideas, opinions and their day to day political action.

Politicast is currently in beta.

Politicians: here is how Politicast can help

For politicians

Let your voice be heard

The podcast technology allows you to easily communicate with your voice outside of the boundaries of a physical meeting.

Express yourself on your own terms. Create your own radio station to share your ideas and explain your action.

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Get people's attention

The audio format is getting popular again. Listeners give podcasters more time to develop their ideas, as podcast episodes are consumed while commuting, walking the dog, doing the dishes and so on.

For politicians

Record an episode on the go

Politicast allows you to record a podcast episode just like you make a phone call!

Call the special number we activate for you from your office, from a taxi or wherever. Speak what you have to say. Publish the episode. No app required!

For politicians

Or record with equipment

Politicast also allows you to upload and distribute your podcast episodes recorded by your own means.

Plug a microphone to your computer or rent an actual recording studio, then upload the audio file to the platform in 2 clicks. We take care of the rest!


We are actively welcoming politicians to try out our platform. We'd love to help you amplify your message and reach your audience in a new and powerful way. Get in touch!